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The Pocket Mentor App Jan 2021

The pocket mentor fills the mental strength gap and support missing from our education


of school leaders report an increase in the number of students experiencing anxiety or stress over the last 5 years. (Young Minds)


Prince's Trust youth index reported the lowest level ever recorded for emotional health and confidence in young people.


of young people said they would like to be taught how to look after their mental health. (Young Minds)

Here’s the good news…

“Promoting wellbeing, building resilience and good mental health will improve outcomes for children and young people, and the nation as a whole.” “Increased employability, capability and productivity, reduced absence, reduced demand on services and improved family relationships and happiness.” (Young Minds)

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The Pocket Mentor will help you

Thrive in the challenges of life

Resilience Mentor

Become more resilient in setbacks

Confidence Mentor

Build motivation and self confidence to lead a happier kinder life

Empathy Mentor

Better understand others and help them understand you

Focus Mentor

Become more self aware of our thinking mind to respond calmly and objectively

Motivation Mentor

Start planting trees with your daily actions and thrive with our empowered community

5 to thrive
Proactive Tools

Your daily mental wellbeing workout!

  • Mindful moment - A daily exercise of being present
  • Daily Thanks - Listing things you’re
    grateful for
  • Today I… Reflective journaling about
    the day
  • Affirmations - Empowering statements to build self belief and mental strength
  • My Values - Reflecting on how closely you’ve lived to your values, the qualities you believe are important to being a good person
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These will take around 15-20 minutes to complete and when you’ve used your 5 to thrive tools for 10 consecutive days we’ll plant a tree on your behalf. Your growth grows trees!

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Mindset boosts reactive tools

Real time solutions to real life challenges.

  1. Select how you’re feeling
  2. The Pocket Mentor will select a series of Mindset Boosts that provide solutions to your current challenge
  3. Watch/listen to your Mindset Boosts
  4. Follow the steps to apply the tools to help you thrive through the challenge and build helpful coping pathways in our brain

When we’re physically ill; a torn ligament or a stomach problem, we have surgery, treatment or physiotherapy to recover. There are recovery treatments for mental illness as well; psychotherapy or medication being a couple.

Proactively to maintain and keep our body healthy we’re recommended to exercise daily. Where’s the mental wellbeing version?

The Pocket Mentor fills this gap with evidence based mental strength tools that build the essential mindset skills missing from education, that are essential for thriving in the challenges of life: Resilience, confidence, motivation, focus and empathy.

No matter your start point; your age, background or role, building mental strength and positive mindset helps us improve every area of our lives.

It’s never too late to start and the emotional intelligence skills we develop can be applied to any situation.

The Pocket Mentor itself is a product of its content. Every skill, tool and concept explained in the app have all helped the process of building this app and business.

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Ongoing access to The Pocket Mentor app requires a membership. The annual price is £46.99. Subscribing is risk-free: If you don’t find it valuable, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

If you would like to use The Pocket Mentor but truly cannot afford it, please request a free account. While we operate a business, we believe that money should never be the reason why someone can't gain access to The Pocket Mentor support.

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