Our Mission


Recently have you:

  1. Been unable to switch off, which impacts your relationships at home and hobbies
  2. Focused on mistakes and feel you could bounce back better when things go wrong
  3. Doubted your ability and not felt ‘good enough’
  4. Been easily distracted and procrastinated from tough and important work
  5. Instantly reacted emotionally or defensively to something and later wished you’d responded more calmly
  6. Been caught in negative thinking loops, finding it hard to see the good in things
  7. Or, perhaps unknowingly experiencing the above


If so, you probably feel overwhelmed, frazzled and deflated, whilst striving desperately to do your best. You’re not alone, you’re part of a group called human beings.

Experiencing these mental challenges of everyday life are what led our founder, Elise, to create The Pocket Mentor mental fitness app after recognising the huge gap in the education system for proactive mental wellbeing resources.

If nothing changes, our confidence decreases which stops us taking action towards our goals and unhelpful thinking habits form which can lead to mental health problems.

This lack of resources is impacting wider society; increased absence, isolation demand on already strained services, and decreased happiness, productivity


What if I told you there’s a super tool could enhance your resilience, confidence and happiness so you that you can overcome these problems and thrive in the challenges of life?

Well, you already have that tool. It’s your brain!

We’re never taught how our brain works, how to look after it, or how to optimise it to work at it’s best for us. So it’s no wonder we experience these challenges.


We all recognise that to build and maintain physical fitness we should exercise regularly, we don’t wait until we’re injured to start and if we stop we know our fitness will decline. So, why don’t be treat our mental fitness the same way?

Just like our physical muscles, our mental fitness can be proactively built with ‘reps’ of mental wellbeing tools. No matter our start point, we’re not chained to our current ways and The Pocket Mentor app empowers you with the mental fitness toolkit to do this.

We have a choice, to either stay stuck in overwhelm mode, or start prioritising our greatest tool with proactive mental fitness tools so we can lead a resilience, confident and happy life.

Our Mission

Grow 1 million minds who grow 1 million trees


Ongoing access to The Pocket Mentor app requires a membership. The annual price is £46.99. Subscribing is risk-free: If you don’t find it valuable, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

If you would like to use The Pocket Mentor but truly cannot afford it, please request a free account. While we operate a business, we believe that money should never be the reason why someone can't gain access to The Pocket Mentor support.